Stormwater Management

Yard Drainage

The City offers a variety of resources and technical assistance for yard drainage. Staff can investigate stormwater issues that may be public problems, such as:
  • Stormwater infrastructure maintenance;
  • Standing water (48 hrs or longer) that cannot be resolved with finish grading;
  • Issues causing a potential for loss of life or damage to public infrastructures or buildings;
  • Conflict with emergency access;
  • Potential for high risk stream bank erosion on multiple properties; or
  • Potential for water quality degradation. Learn how to identify and report pollution.
If you have a public concern, please contact the City's Customer Service Center.
Landscapes for Rain
Get inspired on your own property or common grounds!  Check out these local projects make use of important water resources and even help resolve nuisances and maintenance issues.

Tips for Drainage on Your Property

Standing Water


Detention & Retention Basins

A Note about Buying Property

Make Your Home a Solution to Pollution!



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