Stormwater Management
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Stormwater Projects

The City of Wentzville provides stormwater management to meet the needs of our residents and customers.  Safe and clean streams and lakes, and flood control are a few of the goals we achieve for the community. 

Current Projects

Utility Stabilization - 4610 & 4612 Darkwoods Dr.  1100-1101 Ironhorse Ct.
 2014-8-7 4612 Darkwoods 6 - Copy Photo of video clip 1
Stabilizing storm pipe in eroding meandering stream. Design scheduled for spring/summer 2018. Construction pending permits and funding authorization. (5/21/18)                                                                                               Installation of storm drains and pipe to divert offsite to help prevent structural flooding. Design scheduled for 2018. (5/21/18)                                                                                                                                   

Completed Projects

Huntsdale Basin Retrofit 

Oasis Kwik Wash Basin Retrofit 


P1010813 - Copy

Water quality improvements in and around this detention basin in Huntsdale Subdivision were funded by the Dry Branch Watershed 319 Grant. Video 

This car wash detention basin was not functioning and had maintenance issues from trash and standing water. Pavement runoff is now filtered through native plants in this bioretention basin. 



Heartland Park 

Bubbling Springs Utility Stabilization 


20160610_152047 - Copy

Pervious pavement, athletic field biofilters, a native meadow, and parking lot bioswales help filter pollutants from runoff before it gets to the park's seven-acre lake. The lake forebay traps mud and trash coming with runoff from 500 acres of development along I-70 and Wentzville Pkwy.

Video & Fact Sheet

A geomorphic stream study helped determine solutions to stabilize utility infrastructure compromised by eroding creek banks. Construction of Phase I is complete. Construction of Phase II project (nearby) are pending funding. (5/21/18) 

Mexico Road Basin Reconstruction Brian Ct. Utility Stabilization, Phase II
IMG_0501 011
The basin was redesigned to drain water more effectively and address algae and poor vegetative growth issues due to nutrient deficiencies. 
Construction is complete with composite revetments, grade controls and sanitary line encasement to stabilize infrastructure compromised by eroding creek banks.
Pearce Blvd. Stormwater Repairs  
Repair work included replacing a deteriorated storm line and infrastructure. Project was competed April 2018.  


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