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Wentzville Police Department Blue Line Family

 bluelinefamily-badge-pewter-2017B (2)  Blue Line Family

The Wentzville Police Department Blue Line Family is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization which acts as a support system for Wentzville Police Department officers and support staff and their families in times of need. All Wentzville Police Department officers and support staff are eligible to receive benefits by virtue of their employment with the Wentzville Police Department.

The Blue Line Family’s Board of Directors and company officers developed the guidelines for the impartial distribution of funds to Wentzville Police Department officers and support staff and their families in times of need. The Board of Directors determine the organization's mission and purpose and also oversee the management of available resources, and organize and direct various fundraising activities.

The Blue Line Family provides varying levels of financial assistance as well as other types of assistance to Wentzville Police Department officers and support staff and their families in the event of:

-          Death or severe injury while performing their official duties;
-          Death or severe injury outside of performing their official duties;
-          A spouse or significant other (of long-term standing) suffers death or severe injury;
-          A dependent suffers death or severe injury;
-          Immediate family suffers a death;
-          A critical illness or significant surgery;
-          A spouse, significant other (of long-term standing) or dependent suffers a critical illness or significant surgery.

Community Outreach
During the holidays, families in need are chosen to receive assistance, including but not limited to meals, gifts and general goods.

Families and or persons in the Wentzville community in need may be given assistance to include meals, gift cards for gas or groceries and needed goods. 

How is the Blue Line Family Supported Financially?

-          Private donations from citizens, businesses, as well as Wentzville Police Department officers and support staff.
-          Donations from the sale of Blue Line Family memorabilia, apparel and accessories.
-          Various fundraising activities.

How Can You Help?
If you are interested in the mission of the Blue Line Family and would like to help, here’s how:

-          Make a personal or business donation to the Blue Line Family, by issuing a check to "WPD Blue Line Family," at 1019 Schroeder Creek Blvd., Wentzville, MO 63385or visiting our Facebook page at https://facebook.com/WPDBlueLineFaimly/.
-          Encourage others to become involved in this worthwhile organization by supporting or participating in the Blue Line Family fundraising activities.

Donations made to this non-profit organization are used for purposes set out in its by-laws. Benefactors receive no service in return for contributions. 

Coming Soon: To support our officers, you will be able to visit the Wentzville Police Department Blue Line Family Store!

Visit our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/WPDBlueLineFamily/  

Thank you for your interest in the Wentzville Police Department Blue Line Family 

2020 Blue Line Family Officers
Chaplain Kurt Charlton – President
Detective Andy Wessel - Senior Vice President
P.O. Jeremy Jolley– Vice President
Danielle Bruckerhoff – Treasurer
P.O. Jessica Davis – Secretary

Wentzville Police Department Blue Line Family
1019 Schroeder Creek Blvd.
Wentzville, MO 63385
Main Line: (636) 327-5105
Emergency Calls: Call 911



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