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WE P.L.A.Y. Scholarship

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What is the WE P.L.A.Y. Scholarship program? WE P.L.A.Y Scholarship program is an acronym for Wentzville Providing Leisure Assistance for Youth, a program designed so youth have access to the recreation and leisure activities of their choice, regardless of the ability of their family to pay.

Who is eligible? City of Wentzville residents who are experiencing financial difficulty or who are in a unique, hardship situation may apply. We understand that from time to time families may encounter some unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances. During these times this program may provide some scholarship assistance to help the family meet their recreational needs. The program is designed to provide supplemental financial assistance as a resource after other available sources of funding have been utilized. If you are in need of financial assistance, but do not meet the minimum income guidelines, please contact Meaghan French at (636) 639-2089. All requests for scholarships will be reviewed and considered on a case by case basis.

How does the scholarship program work? Generally, children who are residents of Wentzville and go to school in the Wentzville or Fort Zumwalt school districts who receive the reduced or free lunch program qualify for scholarship assistance. Children who do not receive the reduced or free lunch program may still qualify and are encouraged to apply if assistance is needed. Children ages 17 and under are eligible to receive one program scholarship per program brochure with a maximum of three per year.

Which programs can I use the scholarship for? WE P.L.A.Y. scholarships may be used for any pre-registered program which is sponsored only by the City of Wentzville, Parks and Recreation Department. Each child is eligible to receive one scholarship per year for Camp Wentzville. Youth and family passes are also available through the WE P.L.A.Y. Scholarship program. Scholarships may not be used for facility rentals or "co-sponsored" events. For programs where pre-registration is not required or accepted, please contact the Parks & Recreation Department.

When can I apply for the WE P.L.A.Y Scholarship program? You may apply for the program at any time but a minimum of two weeks prior to the deadline for the program you are requesting assistance for. A family only has to provide required paperwork one time per calendar year (ie January – December). Scholarship funds are limited. Applications will continue to be accepted until scholarship funding is exhausted for the year.

What supporting documentation is required? Required documentation includes proof of residency through voter registration card, City water bill, City tax bill, rental agreement or proof of free or reduced lunch program through Wentzville or Fort Zumwalt School Districts. If the child(ren) are not school age, please provide a copy of most recent taxes filed.  

How Do I apply? You must complete a WE P.L.A.Y scholarship application, gather your required documentation and make an appointment with the Parks and Recreation Department by calling (636) 639-2089.



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