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Property Maintenance

In keeping with the City's desire to maintain a healthy, safe and stable Wentzville, a Property Maintenance Program is in place to meet this need. A cursory inspection from a vehicle is conducted in accordance with the requirements of the International Property Maintenance Code. This program begins every year in April and ends at the end of September.
The City inspects all Residential and Commercial properties annually. Proerty owners  found to be in non-compliance will be left with a notice of the violation and a timeline to make repairs.
Concerned property owners need not wait for the Property Maintenance Program to occur in their area. A phone call regarding a Property Maintenance issue can be made to the Customer Service Center at anytime. Property owners may file a concern by using the online Concern System or by calling the Customer Service Center at (636) 639-2121.
Code Compiance Inspectors respond to resident concerns throughout the year in addition to the Property Maintenance Program offered April through September. Inspectors respond to all concerns that may pertain to:
  • Tall grass and weeds in excess of eight inches
  • Trash and debris on premises
  • Peeling paint
  • Gutters in need of repair
  • Broken windows and doors
  • Sidewalk or driveway deterioration
  • Standing water attracting mosquitoes
  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Fence damaged/deteriorated
These violations and others may be reported to the Customer Service Center at any time. Inspectors will verify the concern within 72 hours and respond back upon your request. Concerns may be filed anonymously as well.

Click here to view Property Maintenance Guide.
Click here to view Property Maintenance  Form.


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