Building Division
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Building Fees

Building Permit Fees

Type of Permit


Building Permit - New Structure

Estimated cost of construction, cost table as published by the International Code Council x .0045

Commercial Plan Review

 *One       $50.00

Finished Basement

 *Two      $35.00

Swimming Pool

 *Three      $35.00


 *Four      $35.00


 *Five      $35.00


 *Six      $35.00

Room Addition

 *Seven      $35.00

Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing

 *Eight      $35.00

Extra Inspection Fee

 *Nine      $50.00

Residential Occupancy

 *10    $35.00

Commercial Occupancy

 *11    $50.00

*One - The $50 fee is in addition to any fees charged for the permit.
*Two - Eight   Projects exceeding $9,000 in cost will be calculated using the cost of construction x .0045.
*Nine -  An extra inspection fee is charged for inspections that are not ready when scheduled or for a third re-inspection on the same project.
 *10 -  The residential occupancy fee is charged in addition to fees for water deposit, etc.  The fee shall be waived for newly constructed  residential units.
*11 -  Commercial occupancy fee is not all inclusive.  Separate fees for licensing, water deposits, etc. may be incurred.  Newly constructed commercial buildings or units shall be waived the first occupancy permit fee.



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