Demonstration Garden Planted at Heartland Park

The Wentzville 4-H group, in cooperation with the Wentzville Parks and Recreation Department’s Horticulture Forestry Division, planted a Monarch butterfly habitat demonstration garden at Heartland Park on Saturday, May 6. It was an absolutely beautiful day to host the event! The group met initially at the Wentzville Historical Caboose site to learn about varying species of native plants, rain gardens and the function they serve in controlling stormwater run-off. Next, they visited the Heartland Park bioswales, which are located in the parking lot adjacent to the park. Participants planted 112 native-plant species that attract Monarch butterflies.The plants will also function as part of the filtration system that is vital to the stormwater management system. 

The Wentzville 4-H group will continue to monitor the planting for Monarch butterfly activity as part of the partnership requirements of Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC). MDC provided partial funding for the plant material. Other partners for the project included Missouri Grow Native and the Missouri Conservation Heritage Foundation. A sincere thank you goes out to the entire 4-H group, and their organizer Melissa Campbell, for their interest and support of natural habitats in Wentzville parks!



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