Tips for Fire-Pit Safety

Be a Good Fire-Pit Neighbor!
Fire pits can be a source of warmth and ambiance. But, with the popularity of fire pits increasing, fire safety has become even more important. There are many things you should consider while setting up and using a fire pit. Below are rules to follow when installing and operating your backyard fire pit. To learn more, please visit the Wentzville Fire Protection District online at

  • Select the proper style of fire pit. It should be one made for recreation, with screening on all sides and on the top.
  • Position the pit at least 15 feet away from any structure and make sure a fire extinguisher is nearby.
  • Only burn clean, dry wood in your fire pit. Never use it to burn trash, construction material or green wood.
  • Keep it away from gasoline/diesel, kerosene and charcoal lighter fluid, and vehicles while in use.
  • Always have an adult in constant attendance of the fire pit.
  • Ensure that the fire is completely extinguished before leaving the area. Hot embers can be smoldering under a top layer of ashes, and if not completely extinguished, they can erupt into flames and quickly grow out of control.
  • Never use a fire pit when a “No-Burn” order is in effect. If you’re not sure, check with the Fire District.
  • High, sustained winds can spread a fire rapidly, so don’t build a fire in a fire pit when there are sustained winds of 30 mph or more.
  • Remember to watch the wind direction when using your fire pit, and don’t build a fire so large it produces a lot of smoke.
  • If a fire gets out of control, call 911 immediately.


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