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Senior Utility Tax Rebate Program

From April 1 through May 31, eligible residents can apply for a City-utility tax refund. The refund amount is a portion of the "City Tax" or "Franchise Tax" listed on the resident's electric, gas and phone bills during 2015. To be eligible for the refund, individuals must rent or own their primary residence in the City of Wentzville, be at least 65 years old or considered totally disabled by Social Security, and have a maximum 2015 gross income of $39,400 for single-person households and $45,000 for married-couple households. This refund program is based on your total gross income for filing year 2015, social security income included. Refunds are only available for the months when the resident lived in Wentzville and was at least 65 years old or considered totally disabled.

Residents can apply for the refund at City Hall, located at 310 W. Pearce Blvd. or at the Public Works office located at 200 E. Fourth Street. When applying for the refund, residents will need proof fo residency (such as a current utility bill), income, age and/or disability, and copies of their gas, electric and primary phone bills for the months they were eligible. Also, to comply with Missouri's section 208.009, which prohibits a local public benefit being distributed to illegal alien's, residents will be required to present one of the following: a driver's license, Social Security card or birth certificate. For more information, please call the Finance Department at (636) 639-2155.


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