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Annual Slab Replacement Project

In response to resident input, the City’s elected officials have once again focused their attention on the annual street maintenance program. The City annually reviews all City streets and develops a cost-efficient schedule designed specifically to replace deteriorated concrete slabs based upon individual concrete slab condition. To equitably select these slabs, City staff performs field inspections and uses GPS equipment to identify the street segments that are in the worst overall condition within the City. This information is processed with in-house engineering staff to cost effectively prepare the annual slab replacement program.

 The City of Wentzville recognizes the inconvenience experienced by residents during road construction and attempts to expedite the process in the safest and most timely manner possible. We greatly appreciate your patience. Feel free to email with any comments or questions.

2018 Slab Replacement Project "A"

  • The Woodlands at Bear Creek: Spotted Fawn and Jagged Edge
  • Fairview Farms: Fairview Farm Circle and Jeffrey Mark Court
  • Hidden Valley: Hidden Valley Drive and Meadow Ridge Drive
  • Peine Ridge: Lick Creek, Cypress Club Court, West Medalist Drive and Trio Drive
  • Pitman Avenue: Mcroberts to Whitehead
  • Bear Creek: Bear Creek Drive
  • Stonemoor: Golden Gate Parkway, Belgrath Gardens and Hyde Park
  • Albany: Albany Manor Drive, Mischief Lane and Hartford Glen Court
  • Autumn Trails: Autumn Trail, Peine Hollow and Crimson Leaf

2018 Slab Replacement Project "B"

  • Bear Creek Bluffs: Bear Creek Bluffs Court and Big Bear Court
  • Crosswinds Drive
  • West Hampton Woods: Hampton Ridge Drive, Andrea Lynn Drive and Morgan Meadow Drive
  • Homeshire: Homeshire Drive and Homeshire Circle
  • Stone Meadows: Fuller Drive, Kimberly Jo Court, Lexi Court, Helena Court, Poole Court, Pashia Court, Smetena Court, Julie Elizabeth
  • Stone Ridge Canyon: Grand Canyon Court, Grand Canyon Drive, Big Bend Court, Cobblefield Court, Big Bend Drive

Week of August 16th, 2018
M&H Concrete Contractors has completed the first pass in the Stone Meadows and Whisper Creek subdivisions. One small section of Crosswinds Court remains to be poured, as well as in West Hampton Woods.

Resident are encouraged to use alternative routes around the construction zone whenever possible. Extra attention to changing road conditions is greatly appreciated.










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