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Annual Slab Replacement Project

In response to resident input, the City’s elected officials have once again focused their attention on the annual street maintenance program. The City annually reviews all City streets and develops a cost-efficient schedule designed specifically to replace deteriorated concrete slabs based upon individual concrete slab condition. To equitably select these slabs, City staff performs field inspections and uses GPS equipment to identify the street segments that are in the worst overall condition within the City. This information is processed with in-house engineering staff to cost effectively prepare the annual slab replacement program. For more detailed information, including a list of 2017 projects, click here.

Construction Updates:

Week of September 12, 2017:

  • M & H Concrete Contractors have completed all but the Pitman Avenue portion of the 2017 Slab Replacement Program. This week they are working on replacing sidewalk along the south side of Pitman Avenue between Main Street and Locust.

  • The replacement of sections of Pitman between Locust and McRoberts is scheduled to begin during the week of September 18.

    In addition to the door hanger that residents receive prior to slab replacement effecting their driveways, the date of removal will be painted in pink paint on the curb line in front of the driveway. (Please see below)

  • The City of Wentzville recognizes the inconvenience experienced by residents during road construction and attempts to expedite the process in the safest and most timely manner possible. We greatly appreciate your patience. Feel free to email with any comments or questions.

 Example of Paint Notification
Paint Notification


Replacing the first pass of Pitman Avenue
8-25-17 Pitman Ave

Pouring Concrete during the Eclipse
8-25-17 - eclipse pouring

Pouring Concrete on Spotted Fawn Ct. in the Woodlands at Bear Creek
Spotted Fawn Court

Pouring section of Southbound lane of Blumhoff Avenue


2017 Locations of Interest Include:

  • Providence on Peine: Providence Way, Providence Ridge Drive and Providence Woods Drive
  • Meadows at Williamsburg: Old Williamsburg Parkway and Old Chesapeake Drive
  • The Woodlands at Bear Creek: Jagged Rock Drive and Spotted Fawn Cour
  • Peine Ridge: Searle Court, Trio Drive, Wake Court and Point Hill Court
  • Shannon Glen: Shannon Place, Emerald Isle Lane and Cecelia Court
  • Bear Creek: Bear Creek Drive





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